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Helicobactor pylori is the infection.

It caused me everything ranging from fatigue to intermittant fevers, an enlarged spleen (since it was not found, it caused more problems).....stomach pain you'd go to the emegency room for, and headaches.

I was put on steroids, which made me psychotic, mixed with Claritin, Klonipin, Paxil, Benadryl, Pepsid, Ativan, Flovent, and Albuterol.

If I ever made it out of my house, it was to be escorted to the doctors or in an ambulance to the emergency room for drug interactions and allergies to particular drugs. Please understand, I was put on these drugs all at once.

Never was anything else done about my stomach until I finally switched doctors. A very cloudy year went by
before I finally was off everything (at my own disgretion) and only then was I clearminded enough to realize I needed to seek out a new doctor.

(HMO's make things difficult too)

But the physicians I was seeing was through a university hospital.... renowned once for its brilliant doctors..... but losing its reputation quickly.

This doctors office never scheduled me with the same doctors, and What was put into the computer on my first visit was what they went according to.... NOT what I told them.

When I went in the first time, I had a doctor whose impression was that I had an anxiety problem.
(Mind you I WAS anxious that I hadn't gooten a deep breath in three months and was scared.) But my life was happy.
I was clear about that.

He did not check my breathing or feel my stomach.
Instead, he gave me a piece of paper and told me to write down ten things from my past that made me feel depressed.

This shocked me.
Luckily, my sister was with me and she told him I was there to get my body checked..... not to be telling this man personal emotions of mine from the past. (This was the furthest thing from my mind)

It did not matter. Whatever he wrote in the computer
haunted me the next year.

They checked everything except for my stomach.
I would ask, but they were so convinced I was anxious that they would not test my GI
I began to believe them. So I went to a psych.
Two psychs felt that I was above average in coping abilities, and thought I needed better doctors.

Not only was it that these medical doctors
didn't give me quality of care, they also prescribed addictive psych meds I did not need which cost me thousands not including what the insurance covered.
Then, they wouldn't even refill them in time. I would be in the ER with withdrawl, (once it was tremors, another time it was seizures)


YES there ARE good doctors out there.
But none of them work at that university office.Istead
I went to a Ghetto clinic in a dangerous part of the city.... and found a doctor who knew what to do, and did it, no b.s. He also agreed with me regarding the psych meds.

I didn't need them.

I have developed a death phobia as a result of some of the things that happened in this last year, mostly for
coming so close to it as a result of incompetence.
I have also developed a serious hatred toward money.
It seems to be more important than people.

I am glad some of you have great doctors. I sure wish you all did.