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ok is it ok to assume this IS water weight?

don't antidepressants such as paxil or other do this?

the weight gain caused by some meds i mean like zyprexa.
that is usually water no?and why/how?
i was takin it up to 2 or more months and stopped,noticing weight.

was that used for anxiety or depression?

if used for depression wouldn't it have speeded up metabolism ?

i was told paxil caused weight gain but i would think if used for anxiety it would cuz its slowing you down.

i still feel the effects of the zyprexa and depakote i took for 2 1/2 months.
some side effects are actually there.
that stuff must be powerful and i took them for anxiety.
me and my friend had a talk about this last night.

i thought the antidepresesants were stimulant pills like diet pills.

i'm confused cuz i was also taking paxil and it made me more anxious.
that was for depression.
well------it seems what you're saying is they all cause weight gain which also makes me agree w/you on the idea that you're dealing w/enough from the condition that the weight gain is all we need!!!!!!!

i'm hoping that they find a pill that doesn't cause weight gain in the future.