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I cannot go on living in a constant fog...I cannot comprehend my surroundings or articulate my thoughts...nothing makes sense to me anymore.. im also in constant pain.
Please help me...if there is anyone with any info or advice i need it now more than ever.
I believe my feelings can be attributed to a stroke..
Approximately 10 months ago, I awoke with a strange stiffness/tightness sensation in my head. Not at all present the night before, this newly developed pressure enveloped my entire head -- it was most prominent in the forehead, the sides and in the upper neck region. Accompanying the physical sensation was one of mental stupor. I felt vapid -- I could not concentrate, focus or rationalize clearly. At first, I associated the pressure and mental malaise with a common cold -- I felt as if I was comming down with something (my nose was running) and that I would recover quickly -- however the feeling has persisted. I have trouble thinking, speaking, and seeing straight ...I feel as if I am in the twighlight zone since I cannot comprehend my surroundings or interact with people. Anxiety attacks, memory loss, are frequent as is a tingling sensation which shifts from my head to face to my extremities. I was a heavy drug user (ecstasy and cocaine) in the past for approx. 2 years but I do not understand how drugs could provoke this literal overnight change....especially since the transformation did not immediately occur after a binge period (it occurred about a week later). I am at my wits end..I have seen about 10 doctors (allergists, general practitioners, and neurologists)and explained to them my situation. I have had an EEG,a CAT scan, and an MRI. They have found nothing. They continually allude to the idea that my problem is purely psychological and that it was not a stroke. However i beg to differ isnce my symptoms are reminiscent of those accompanying a stroke. I have been prescribed numerous forms of medication. The most recent ones have been Valproic acid, Nortriptyline, and neurontin and I am now on paxil, zyprexa and adderall. These drugs do virtually nothing. Does anyone know what my problem is or have any suggestions for medication??? I cannot go on living like this. I am acutely aware of my inability to function in reality and i cant do anything about it...please help. I have seen a psychiatrist but he has said that it is all due to anxiety and stress...i cant believe this because i love my job and couldn't be happier (save this problem which prevents me from living)
PS. I am aware that I made a horrendous mistake by doing drugs in the past. I would appreciate it if you would refrain from chastising me..it only worsens the situation. I need some form of hope and guidance