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I am actually very torn.

I remember feeling very trustful when I went to this
doctor... but I was very aware that something was wrong.

After my initial consultation, I was told to seek psychological help. This was before any exam took place. My sister was with me.... we both thought this was odd, but perhaps it was just procedure.

They put me on paxil in the mean time, and claritin.
I had an allergic reaction to the paxil, so I stopped it right away. After about three days, I was in the emergency room, unable to breathe.

They put me on steroids and told me that I had upper airways reactive disorder, and to follow up with my doctor.

I went back to the doctor and they told me my lungs were fine, to go back to the psychologist.

I went to the psychologist and after two appointments, was referred back to the doctor, since it was found that I have excellent coping skills and no depressive disorders.

By this point I was experiencing some anxiety, and soon went into crying fits. (Turned out to be from the steroids). This was all I needed. this reinforced the doctors point of view.

So for months, I was suffering from this phantom breathing problem, and developing other problems as a result.

Soon I couldn't work, and made many trips to the e.r.
where I was told To see an asthma specialist.
My doctor wouldn't give me the referral.

By now, summer was approaching, and, my symptoms were not as bad.

So I was able to return to work with mild discomfort.
But it seemed my symptoms were worse at work.

(I do church restoration).

I returned to the doctor and they sent me to have a pet scan, where, a granuloma was found in my lung.
They said it was nothing.

I changed doctors.

After all of this, I spent 6 months without income,
thousands in psychiatric treatment and drugs I did not need, and I do not think there is a good reason why.

My sister thinks they judged me by appearance and made their mind up about me the first visit because I am a bald woman with tattoos. I think that it is frightening that I could have died, since I actually almost began to believe I was suffering some mental deficit, when it was asthma.

It may sound trivial, but, there were times where I really thought I was going to die.

I am not a depressed person. I love my job, it is stable and well paying. I have a beautiful daughter
and family life. I want for nothing.

Regarding what I would want to "get"?
It is more about proving a point, and hopefully opening the doctors eyes and mind a little.

One person among so many patients, may seem like nothing.... but it is something to my daughter.

I am upset about the time I lost in my life, that I can never get back.... nor can my family. I lost about 20,000 in wages, and emptied my account to live.

I suppose I think that maybe if I do something, this doc will be more attentive and sensative to future patients.

Incidentally, this doc WAS also my girlfriend's doc.
She was pregnant and fell down the stairs. The doc never returned any of hers or the ER's calls.

WE both have neww docs now.

As far as money, I couldn't care less really.
Like I said before I have what I need.

But if I am a passifist in this situation, someone else may go through the same thing.