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Tell your doctor. You sound like you need a prescription of Paxil. You suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. The fact that you mention that your mom died "8.5" years ago as opposed to "8" or "9" is a sign in and of itself of obsessive compulsive disorder.

Don't suffer any longer. Get to your doctor and you'll be alright.
I have had severe Anxiety/Panic and recentley OCD for over 9 years. I can go on for years and years writing what I think it could be or what I think would help you, but somethings that work for me might not work for you. One thing I do know, and I have noticed quite a few postings about it in this forum, is the discussion about the medicine 'Paxil'. Don't do it !! I was on it for 4 years, and it worked, it truly did, but the mintue you try to get off of it, you wish you were dead. Visit [url="http://www.quitpaxil.org"]www.quitpaxil.org[/url] before any decisions. Good Luck !

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