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my doctor gave me paxil CR for an anxiety disorder about a week ago. i've been reading up on it and have read from some people that it didnt work nearly as well as regular paxil. its so important to me that i get medication that works, so if anyone could give me any information i would really appreciate it. thanks a lot.
Paxil CR is the same as Paxil except that it is controlled released the same as any extended release product. Some people may not feel it works as well as regular paxil only because they feel it wears off sooner than it should. Remember when you use an extended release drug that does not mean it will give every one relief for the maxiumum time listed on the label that just means that on an average it will last that long. I would say to go ahead and start it especially since you've had the drug for about a week. You won't know if it works well for you unless you try it. It will work as well as regular paxil will but if the results don't last as long as they should then you would need to discuss this with your doc.
I have been on Paxil CR and it works well for anxiety, I have been on it for quite awhile and i also take Buspar, which has really helped. I believe everyone has a different effect with medicatons though.
I wanted to reply to you about the "Paxil"...
I wanted to make sure you were aware of the SEVERE withdrawal symptoms...you see, when my DR put ME on them 4 yrs ago, I was told they were NOT addicting..they ARE...It is VERY severe...I have tried to stop this medication at LEAST 7 times...You go through HELL! The symptoms are horrible...I'm talking "Brain Zaps'..severe dizziness 24/7..Abdominal pains..the list goes on..
So please consider this before you get addicted to them..because you will..I hate the thought of ANYONE having to go through this...

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I have tried Paxil and though it did work for anxiety I felt very fatigued when I was on it. I am on Celexa now and the anxiety is gone and I don't feel like napping all the time. Everyone reacts to various antidepressants differently though. I know of others who took paxil successfully without the fatigue. I have heard of withdrawal symptoms as the last poster discussed but I didn't "withdraw" because I was switched directly to a different antidepressant.
For some reason with some antideprssants you can switch directly onto another, and on others you have to "wean" off before you begin another. I'm sure another poster has the reason for this and can help out here.
You could also try the depression forum on this board where you will find many other posters who have been on various antidepressants (I think I've seen pretty well every one mentioned on that board!) Lots of anecdotal info.
When or if you start Paxil be sure to keep in touch if you feel you need some support...be well....Tagger