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Hello everyone.

Around 2 month ago, I woke-up in the middle of the night,because something had bit me on my hand. I did a traditional Mexican tradition (lol), to put vaporub, it always help me with the itching. Anyway, that morning when I woke-up, my hand;where I was biten, was cramp up. I couldn't open it, I also notice that from my my elbow to my shoulder, all my veins were white. Of course this worried me a bit. But I still continued to get ready for work. It took around 1 1/2 before I was able to open my hand and the white veins to dissapeard. I whent to work and resumed to my normal activities.
Couple days later I started felling weird. Started with stomach cramps, from their it whent to chills, fatigue, dizziness, anxiety attack, started getting nervouse, very nervouse, couldn't eat, lost around 20 lbs in a month.
After 3 weeks I went to the doctor. The first one told me that I was because I stop working out. He gave some pills for my stomach and did a 20 point blood test. Blood test came back normal.

Second doctor told me I had depression. He gave me paxil, had bad side affect.

I went to a nutrionist, (herb doctor) I explaind to her what I had happen to me. She told me that I sound like a spider bite. She started me on a detox treatment, and also on a treatment for my heart. I started having chest pains.

Whent to a third doctor for his opion, He also stated that it seem like a spider bite or virus. I'm going to see him today to get my final test result.

Today makes it 2 month since i was bitten that night. The only symptoms I still have are major headaches in my temple area and back of my head. I fell pressure on the back and pain inmy temple, nerves and not having enough strengh to do the same thing as I use to.

If any one has had this symptoms, sickness or could provide their opion, I would be really createfull.

Thank You.....