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I am on paxil cr and it's not doing all that well. I tried it over 6 months and i'm thinking about trying something like klonopin.. i'm not exactly sure how to spell it though. Anyone try this stuff? Maybe i'll try zoloft~
Yeah Klonopin is a type of tranquilizer kind of drug like Xanax, mostly used to treat panic disorders. It is highly addictive like the previous poster mentioned.

This does not seem like a good medication to treat social anxiety in my opinion. There are a few medications out there that are designed specifically for this type of disorder like Zoloft and Paxil and otheres, so you should speak to your Doctor about some options.

Good luck to you!

I've actually done a lot of research and paxil is actually being heavily promoted and it is not neccessarily the best... .according to studies. MAOI's are actually rated better as well with benzo's. I found this on NUMEROUS websites. Yes, benzos are highly addictive, but it just depends how you use them and how much you use I think. Adderall i never heard of but i'll have to do some research on it. What type of drug is it??
my mother died in 1994. we were very close. i began having panic attacks 2 months after her death. long story short- am on zoloft 100mg per day to control panic attacks. it works. did paxil for years, gained weight. i didn't know this was used for social disorder. what are the symptoms of a social disorder. maybe my son has that or am i making up excuses for him not wanting to work? lol. it's not funny really. read my other posts. anyway, thanks for reading.