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I have a problem with being tired. When I was in high school. I had to get up at 7 a.m. By 12p.m I was to tired to pay attention so I would fall asleep. I got in so much trouble I dropped out. I'm mentally and physically to tired for the effort to spell words right or solve simple math problems and have trouble finishing books. I'm persistent but I'm forced to stop at things that I do because I get to tired.

In my 20's I started to have Libido problems. There was less stimulation, drive and motivation. I thought it was depression, so my doctor put me on Paxil and that diminished what little sex drive I had left. I switched to zoloft after one year,and was on zolof for six months. It didn't help me though.I was tested for hypoglycemia, vitamin deficiency,blood sugar,aids,hepititas,std's. I do not have any of them.I don't smoke, drink, do drugs. I eat healthy, take vitamins and exercise. I also get bad ulsers,and I spraind my ankle and pinky 2yrs ago and they still hurt today.Since I was little I would get shaky after not eating for 4hrs. when I eat I feet better though. For the last 7yrs. Iv tried to sleep 8 hrs. get up at 9a.m and by 2p.m I will be drowsy tired, But I would force my self to stay up til 11p.m. By the third day my voice would crack and I would get sick as if I were up for the three days.

So I got A job From 1p.m to 10p.m, but when I sleep, I'm restless untill finally going to sleep at 5a.m. and sleeping till noon. Then I get up and have enough energy to ride my bike three miles, work then ride back. Skate or run on my 2 days off a week. ( besides the lack of motivation for anything and low sex drive) This worked for about 7 yrs.

Recently in the past 2yrs. (sleeping 13hrs) When I'm up 1p.m to 10p.m I feel like i'm in a dream like state. Not felling alive, not happy or sad. I laugh when it is appropriate. I'm getting more drowsy every day I'm worried I'm not going to be able to wake up at all eventually.

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