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Yes, I have been diagnosed with GAD. I was anxiety ridden all the time, and it really got unbearable during times of stress. How do I cope? Well, I was on Xanax for about 6 months, and now I am on Paxil CR and am doing MUCH better. Drugs dont cure the problem, but they slow down the anxiety enough, so that you can look at the cause, and work on it. I am in psychotherapy, working on cognitive behavioral modificaiton, and I am doing stress reducing activities like walking, yoga, meditation, baths,.... The thing is, I couldnt even begin to think of doing anything like this until I got the anxiety under control with meds. Once that happened, I was calm enough to try and work through what is going on. I know what you are going through, it was a living hell for me before the meds and therapy, and it was difficult for anybody around me to understand how badly I was suffering. Are you on any meds?

Quote from Forrester:
.....where they feel low-level anxious all the time, without panic attacks? Just always low-level worrying? (sometimes high-level during times of stress). It sure would help to know that I'm not alone. How do you cope? Thanks.
Yes, I just went on Paxil again (I was on it before). I am debating going on Buspar as well (because of the cost and no health insurance), but I think I had better just go on Buspar as well. I know it has helped in the past. So someone else understands this living hell. This is awful. I hope the meds help get it at least stabilized. Thanks. I also started psychotherapy again.
Forrester, I have anxiety also, and was on Paxil cr for about 6 mths, but decided to come off of it cuz I felt like I was way to calm to care, it really took my anxieties away. But felt like I didn't have a reason to do anything.
The anxieties are back strong, it's real alright! In my stubborn little head I thought it would help me more to have the anxieties so that I can feel the need to help myself and maybe do something about it. It really was a Lot easier with the meds. I think I was having an issue with having to depend on meds to help me, but come to realize with the experience of being off of it that I do need it to help me. Another problem of mine is depression and procrastination.
All my life I always had everything taken cared of for me, so it's really hard for me to put myself in an uncomfortable position.
Anxiety is awful! And it is a chemical imbalance in the brain. I'm also seeing a therapist.
Meds, therapy and action plans that you follow through with will help you a Lot. Anxieties can go away completely when you do the work.
It's important to get yourself a good therapist to help you with the process. Thats where you should start. Without insurance you should check with your state mental health facility, and ask them what you can do without insurance. They normally have programs for people with no insurance.
Forrester, you sound so normal to me. People with anxiety are more enemies to them selves. Having this war in their own heads.
Honestly, I have a social anxiety more than anything. I've always been a loner also. Except I do always have to have one person in my life, like a security blanket.
Haven't really had the opportunity to be independent. Wish I had, cuz thats exactly what I need. I'm co-dependent, that's probably why.
Too many labels :yawn:
When it come's to decision making :rolleyes: I'm the worse! even looking at a menu, the pressure! The waiter would have to go back and forth wondering if I'm ready yet. The long ones are hell. Then of course after all the wasted time, it turns out to be what seems to be the worst choice on there.
My therapist told me that it is Very important as a human being to have connection with other human beings, otherwise Im going to be this bitter, mean, lonely, sad old lady someday, with 20 cats in my own lonely little world. :eek:
Noooo!!! I want to be a happy little old lady with lots of grandchildren and family and friends..
It is a really sad place to be! I feel sorry for my husband cuz he really deals with a Lot with me, and it's bringing him down.
Anyway, we moving to Bellingham, Washington in two weeks! We are finally moving somewhere we really want to live instead of following the money trail of his job. Tired of living in cities.
Being a single gal that you are, you'd probably do just fine in cities, with so much single fun.
I myself loved San Diego!! So many people into fitness and exercise, the sun worshippers, the beaches and weather. We just liked it there then.
I don't know much about the other areas of Ca. Watch out for the high crime areas. Isn't Chico one of them? Redding looked pretty with the mountains by the border of Or. What about La Hoya ( I know I spelled that wrong). Coronado?
About meds, I myself did fine on Paxil cr(controlled release). You don't want just plain Paxil. I also heard Effexor is good. It's really the only way to tell, by trying it, a week or two of hell, then see whether if your body accepts it or not.
Take care:)
Oh my gosh, those physical symptoms you were describing sound just like mine. I have a constant knot in my stomach, feel hot and cold, don't feel like eating. I don't even feel like doing anything (like even showering, but don't worry, I do-I don't want to smell).

My anxiety is even more heightened today. I have been constantly anxious all day. What about when I start my new job? I don't know when that will be, but it's scaring me. What if I can't perform on the job because of this anxiety?

When are the Paxil and the Buspar going to kick in and start working? I started the Paxil Oct. 10 and the Buspar Nov. 6. Could someone please tell me how long I have to wait in this agony? I feel like I can't do anythign. I'm going to see my therapist now. What I really need is a good psychiatric consult, but I can't afford it. Please, please can someone say some words of support. I'm so scared. Thank you.
The thing is, meds really calms down the deep thinking shuts off a lot of head talk, sometimes to a point of just feeling way to blah. I got to a dead emotion stage after 6 mths of Paxil cr. Decided to quit (tapering off, of course). It was a bit of hell going through. But the emotions came flooding back, and it was Great! I felt So alive! I didn't realize that it had taken so much away from me.

So if you do go on meds, a mild form would be good, maybe it'll balance it out a bit, instead of completely taking to much away.

I can tolerate my anxieties right now and deal with it. So I choose not to use meds now.