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Hi, Lori

Yes. I am more sure than ever that this is the main problem. In the past, when I started taking anti-depressants like Paxil and Celexa, I became much more relaxed, outgoing and externally focused.

I have resisted going back on the medications because I finally have gotten to the point without meds where I feel like my moods are at least manageable. I don't feel like a quivering mess with the utter hopelessness, despair and panic attacks I've had in the past. I'm resisting taking them for this lesser, though still apparently permanent depression, for some reason. Probably because I've made some progress without them, although years are passing by and I'm still far from good - the negativity and low self image just won't go away even though the panic has and the anxiety is now low-grade.

Maybe I do need meds again, or I will just be throwing the best years of my life away. I always thought they should be reserved for emergencies and not used for cosmetic personality enhancements, but maybe what I have going on is more than a personality flaw and is still part of the illness. Thank you for the response. I think I'm thinking a little more clearly now than I was a few days ago.