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I think my daughters is really bad because, in her partying days she use to be a rave goer and was into ecstasy. She use to take a lot. Pretty scary!

She has a lot of after effects from the use, including memory loss, body temperature problems, eating problems, and extreme up and down moods, including the anxiety. She's almost completely isolated herself from the world.
All her social time is spent on the net.

I'm so glad she is desperate for a change, even though her grandmother makes it hard, giving her everything, even though she doesn't ask for it.

I hope she is on her way out of the mess and going on with her life. :rolleyes:

But in the mean time, I have to leave it up to her now. Hope she will make good choices.

I've got a lot of work to do on myself still. I do look forward to a change. :angel:

We're going to be shutting down in a few days and driving from one end of the states to another. Georgia to Washington state. :yawn: Pulling all our goods.
That will be the 4th time! Husbands job always relocating us. This time it's our choice to move, want to live where we want this time.

Be careful with that klondike. I was almost going to refill a prescription for the Paxil cr, but decided not to. My anxieties are tolerable still. And don't want to kill my emotions again.