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I'm reading the Ashton Manual website for tapering off of benzos and for tapering off of Klonopin, they suggest using a second benzo to help taper off. They do this for a lot of tapering off benzos, they give you another benzo to help taper it off.

Is there another regimen for if you don't want to use a second benzo? I don't want to become dependent on not one but *two* benzos :)

I know, I know, see my doctor. But I was wondering, have people just tapered off of a benzo without a second one? I have only been on this benzo for 3 weeks but tapering off of it has been hard, I'm real sensitive, plus the stuff I'm replacing it wth (Buspar & Paxil) have not begun to affect me yet (too early). But I've already scared my family wth my erratic emails and I think it's from times when the Klonopin was wearing off. I want to get off of this stuff, because it makes me feel "too good," and when it wears off, I feel even worse than I did initially! Thanks for any advice/anecdotes/withdrawal schedules et al.