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Has anyone had an onset of Tinnitus related to anxiety?

Here is a brief overview of my history:

1. On Paxil for 5 years.

2. Stopped Paxil 1 year ago and had horrible side effects, including the onset on Tinnitus (but this was by far the least instrusive side effect).

3. Attempted to go back on Paxil but the side effects did not subside.

4. Changed to Zoloft and things leveled out.

5. After an MRI and full hearing exam, was prescribed Klonopin to counter Tinnitus. This helps but it doesn't make it go away completely.

The Doctor said he thought it was related to anxiety since there was nothing physically wrong with my hearing but at the same time could not explain why it would have started when I attempted to get off Paxil.

Anyway, if anyone has experienced this, please let me know if the Tinnitus ever went away or provide some feedback on what other solutions you may use to treat it.