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in late august this year i had a series of panic attacks. i do not have a history of panic attacks, and it was unusual for me to have 4 in one day followed by unusual sensations throughout my body and more panic attacks. i went to the hospital worrying that something was wrong with iron levels or sugar levels (i was very dizzy during this period). after a thorough examination in the emergency room, i was told to talk to my psychiatrist about the panic attacks. i was put on xanax for a few months. i am currently in the withdrawal period of xanax. i am posting this to see if anyone has any suggestions for me regarding the different sorts of pains, aches and disorders i have been experiencing since those initial panic attacks. i have been to family doctor, ear/nose/throat doctor, emergency room (included blood work and CT scan of head), chiropractor, gynecologist, etc. since this panic episode and there is no real definite answer as to what is causing my symptoms or how they all add up. im curious to see if others have experienced similar issues with regard to panic attacks/stress, etc.

here are the things i have been experiencing since i had the panic attacks in august (some i noticed a few weeks before the attacks):

* hair loss (especially around temples and in the front near my part
* vaginitis (gyno put me on medication to clear it up but i then developed chronic yeast infections)
* burning lips and mouth - around the time of the panic attacks i would experience altered taste sensations, my lips would be tingling and burning and numb and i would have sensitivity in my mouth including in the gums... i am still experiencing this... dentist found no oral cancer or unusual dental problems... still hurts a lot and my mouth aches often
* inflammation and bumps in the tonsils/throat... throat specialist diagnosed this as acid reflux (i am on nexium now and it works wonders)
* dizziness (especially when smoking... trying to quit... not successful so far)
* pain and bumps inside fingertips, ends of toes... rash/itchiness in legs near butt
* feeling of feverishness for one or two months. i no longer experience this, but for awhile i would go in an out of feverish sensations.
* irritable bowel syndrome

i am a 26 year old female and i have dealt with pain and stress issues over the years. this latest "episode" has been really unusual and more stressful as time passes and no answers. i had a good year or so of feeling pain-free and i honestly think it had a lot to do with my serotonin levels being on track. i have been on and off paxil for years but havent found a dose from my doctor that works for more than a certain amount of time. im concerned the anxiety and the smoking have caused all this and have concerns about cancer and so forth but so far my tests have shown nothing out of the ordinary.