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Well, as you know most people have different reactions with different meds.

But I personally couldn't stand the Wellbutrin, I was climbing the walls and felt like crap and I didn't even have panic yet (just depression).

That xanax stuff is pretty strong and can be addictive (but whatever works) I am on Klonopin which is a benzo also, but is long acting, not short acting like xanax.

All I can really do is give you opinion, I have tried probably over sixteen different antideppresants. And heres how it went.

ALL gave me tachycardia and made me feel bad especially, zoloft, paxil, and elavil and Wellbutrin. Zoloft, paxil and elavil actually all ended me up in ER with tachycardia (scary, but very rarely dangerous when caused by meds) not dangerous at all when caused by panic.

But heres the thing, for every horor story about a med, theres a success story. Kind of like there are lots of people floating around this board on Zoloft, Paxil, and Effexor, and I personally couldn't tolerate them. Some however feel these same meds are a godsend.

What I could tolerate personally was....

Celexa, but I had nightmares

And best yet for me Prozac, actually the generic fluoxetine 20 mg, No tachycardia, some headaches, a little of a hard time sleeping, hence the Klonopin to give a hand, and best yet I went from having several LONG panic attacks a day to not a panic attack in a month so far, my heart rate and blood pressure have both dropped.

So I guess thats what works for me, I have a friend with panic on the same med, same dose, having the same success, but a little more anxious (because her jerk of a doctor won't give her a benzo.

Don't get stuck thinking you need a med, If you tell yourself the anxiety will come back, your mind will follow, and it will. What do you think you might try if you decide to try another med?