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Quote from hry33:
most of us need meds and some version of CBT.

recovery without meds is possible for some but a very good and understanding group of friends and support people are needed, and not every sufferer has these

meds speed up recovery but some are too proud or stubborn to take any

Forgive my ignorance, but I don't know what CBT is.

I have been on clonazepan, paxil and effexor for my panic and anxiety. While they helped, they weren't a cure all.
You can help manage your panic a variety of ways, hypnosis being one of them.
Aromatherapy helps too, as do herbal remedies (do not mix St Johns Wort with antidepressants or meds). Talk to your dr regarding any herbal remedies you wish to try to see that they don't interact poorly with meds you may be taking.