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I was taking Paxil cr. But I stopped about a month ago.
We are moving in 3 days, driving from Atlanta to Washington state with all our goods.
Ive been feeling stressed and anxietic, more so lately. But, I've always had these weird type dreams, which seem to relate to my racey mind with all it's anxieties.
That's right, being on the meds I wasn't dreaming, I don't think.
I had to stop cuz I hated feeling So blah like. Kinda like someone can fall dead right in front of me, and I wouldn't even flinch. Like it took all my emotions away. I didn't realize how much either til I stopped taking them. When everything came crashing back, I really felt Alive. Even though at times, it's so extreme and hard, and these stressful dreams, I think I'd rather not be back on. I'm still deciding.
I was just wondering if it was normal to have stressful, freaking out dreams like this when your anxietic without meds.
I have these dreams and I am on paxil. Strange dreams like an entire movie but very disturbing. A lot of times it is about an old girlfriend from 15 years ago.