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My Doc just started me on Effexor XR 37.5 on this past Monday. I will increase to 75mg on Monday. I am taking it in the morning as my first night time dose kept me awake. I have read enough of the negative posts to be cautious, but I have a lot of trust in my Doc and will give this med a go. So far my only " side effect" has been I feel a bit " speedy". That is not a bad feeling for me . Does anyone have good things to say about this med? The only other med I have evr taken was Buspar a few years ago, and my husband said it made me wierd...I never aske him to define that for me !!

Any input would be appreciated.


I am taking effexor xr and it has helped me so much. I was taking paxil, but I began to gain weight, so I switched. I haven't had any side effects except now that I am taking 150mgs I have a very hard time falling asleep. I would rather have this side affect than have panic attacks when I had to leave the house. Good luck, if that doesn't work for you there are many other pills you can try.
swtevnbrz give it a fair chance. I tried many over the years that just didnt work with me and by the time I got this new Family doctor and she went through a list of meds like paxil pamelor,zoloft, ect.and asked me if I tried these. She thought effexor xr would take care of my panic attacks and depression which I can honeslty say has after 3 weeks. Has changed me 100% for the better. :bouncing: I dont feel hopeless and I have some goals and life looks alot better. As I said in my other post I had a little blurred vision sweats and sexual dysfunction from this but its a even trade to be thinking and feeling mentally heathy good luck to ya keep us posted. Im on 150mg per day. :bouncing: