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Quote from bcruth4:
I take .5mg of Xanax 4 times per day for panic disorder (with the most troubling symptom being severe tinnitus). I am thinking of switching to Xanax XR so I don't have to take a pill every 4 hours.

Have any of you used this medication? More importantly... has anyone here switched from regular Xanax to the XR version? If so, what happened?


Be careful! xanax are so addictive. There are other meds you should be taking rather than xanax. I personally had better luck with effexor. They are not as addictive. Never, ever take more than the doctor tells you to take. So many people have gotten addicted to xanax because they thought it was a safe drug since the doctor prescribed it for them. There are many meds you can try out. I first went with celexa, then paxil and now I am completly satisfied with effexor xr. Take care and God bless.