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I love Lexapro and I highly recommend it. I found that 20mg at first was too much, so I usually take 10. I had absolutely ZERO side effects at first but I do note some gradual ones...I seem to sweat more easily than usual and also am not as hungry. Other people I know also report some loss of appetite particularily if they are overweight, and some get extremely sleepy and therefore take it at night.

Otherwise, a wonderful drug all around. Paxil makes me feel heavily drugged and falsely high, whereas I don't notice anything when taking Lexapro - just when I don't. The people around you will notice the difference first. I have better focus and care more about myself and my surroundings, am more productive, outgoing, and happy. I sleep better and am less dependant on alcohol (waaaay less, from 21+ units a week to maybe 2), am less emotional, more fun to be around, kinder, more responsible, more in control - all without feeling abnormally drugged or outside myself.

Highly reccommend!