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I've been wondering this for awhile now. I was talking to a friend of mine who isn't in the medical field proffessionally, but knows a lot about that area because she has volunteered at places and read a lot. She said that when people take tests for sensitivity, the doctors will poke them with a little needle various places and ask "Do you feel that?". I ask because I've been worrying about if what I feel is really numbness or something else. Here's my brief backstory for context: over the summer I started getting really scared regarding my health. i had been under a lot of stress ( which I probably don't need to go into), and I'm a freshman at a junior college to boot. I started having what were deemed "panic attacks" and they seem to fit the description. Pounding heart, shallow breathing, just needing to get out in fresh air, etc. Anyway, I got diagnosed as maybe have General Anxiety Disorder or a good ol' case of depression. Well, I'll tell you right off the bat that I'm not a particularly happy person, but I'm on Paxil right now and I haven't been having any more "panics". Nevertheless, I've retained what I perceive as a lack of sensitivity around my forehead area. It's hard for me to feel really confident calling it that though, since I can feel it when I've poked myself with a needle (not into cutting, just a hypochondriac who's checking) and I can also feel it when I trail something narrow or light like the edge of a piece of paper, I feel that almost ticklish feeling where somethings just barely touching the skin. But it still feels like its less sensitive than the rest, like I don't really feel that much movement when I touch it with my fingers. Anybody else know what this is, or experienced this? Is it "numbness" or not? If anybody wants me to be a little more clear on some aspect of it, just post that up.