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Oh don't worry so much about the dreams. I've been on Paxil for 7 weeks and I have the absolute REALEST dreams. And I remember most of them too! Fortunately they aren't scary or anything, just very real. The funny thing is, every night I am dreaming of an old boyfriend. No, they aren't steamy dreams (rats!) but I just keep meeting up with him in my dreams and having these really real conversations with him. I'm hoping one of these nights, since I keep dreaming about him anyway, that he'll give me a passionate kiss, but alas, it hasn't happened yet. ;) One night, he was a guitarist in a local rock band, the next night he and I were taking college classes together, etc. Very real.

Not to worry...I'm positive it's the medications. (Paxil or Ativan, most likely Paxil since I take my last .5mg of Ativan at 3:30 pm)