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Quote from balousgurl:
I have been having crying fits for the last couple of months they come on for what seems like no reason at all. Sometimes I feel like I am going to die and I don't know why. (lol it was a rhyme) It is scary as no one seems to understand it one minute I'm fine the next minute I'm crying odd. I am wondering if other people experience this as well or may it be something else that is wrong and it isnt panic at all???? The drug I take nortriptyline seems to do nothing for me and I tried clonzepam and it didn't work ethier. When i got off them had really bad withdrawl as well. What other thing are out there (besides meds) that I can try as my doctor is not very helpful at all. Thanx for your time. (anyone that can give me advice or help)

I think you should seek the advice of a Therapist and go to a Psychratrist to get the proper drugs. I think you are more on the depressed side, having no real reason that you can understand for crying. If you are not having anxiety or panic symptoms, which it does not seem, you really need to be on an anti-depressant medication but I don't think that nortriptyline seems to be doing the job. I don't really support these drugs for anxiety or panic, but for depression, they are the medication and not benzos such as Kolonopin. I think you need to see a Specialist as I said before and try something on the line of more commonly used srris such as paxil, prozac or celexa. See a Therapist about this first, they can help guide you in a direction and maybe you don't need a medication. If you do they can give you insight on medications that others are using and refer you in the right direction for a Psychratrist if needed for drugs. Take care

Sickman :)