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I take Paxil and I'm on Advair and Singulair, amongst some other things. I only take a low dosage of Paxil, because I'm not on it for depression, but for fibromyalgia. I would think you could take a higher dosage and be fine.

hc85 -

My asthma is so bad - I have attacks throughout the day 4-6 days a week - that my pulmonologist and allergist want me on anti-anxiety medication. I currently take Xanax, however this cannot be taken every day.

I tried Paxil and it gave me horrible headaches. I need to try something else so I was wondering if anyone was on any of these medications (Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Effexor, etc.).

I am only depressed and anxious because I cannot breathe.