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Hi Madj,
I have been feeling really bad lately. I had a scary incident back on Nov. 2. Don't know if it was a mini-stroke or a migraine. Then my best friend died unexpectedly. That's when my anixety went through the roof. Lightheadedness and severe muscle tension in my head and neck are the main symptoms. I have been on a low dose of valium for many years. I quit taking it at one time and tried paxil, zoloft and a couple of other ones but I had very bad reactions to them. So my dr. put me back on valium. It does ok but I wish I could find something better that I could tolerate.
I haven't been doing my relaxation like I should and I know that is adding to my stress. I certainly do not practice what I preach! lol
Hope you are well. Let me know how you're doing.
Take Care,

Quote from Madj:
Dear PJG,

I don't really do the relaxation tapes very often anymore. I guess I could try and do them on a regular basis. I will try and get that book you suggested. Someone else told me about another book called "How to stop worrying and Start Living" by Dale Carnegie. I haven't finished it yet, but it does give you some good advice.

Regarding the pills that I am on now..... he has me on a very low dosage. I only take 1 Efexor of 50mg per day and 1 Xanax of 0.5mg per day in order for me to get pregnant. I actually stopped Xanax for quite a long time and it was only recently that I had to begin taking it again because of all the panic attacks I've been having. And all because I've been really stressed up about my blood pressure. Some doctor got me really paranoid about my blood pressure, cause she found it a bit high, and now whenever they measure my blood pressure I get anxious and they find it high. So we are trying to get it checked up more often and all this is causing me a lot of anxiety because I am scared.

Anyway, enough about me... How are you feeling??? Are you feeling any better?? Are you taking any medications right now?

Take care.