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I was on paxil for close to 7 years for severe panic attacks and mild OCD. It helped amazingly, but I stopped in July because I suspected that it was the cause of my extreme weight gain (it was, and I have since lost 25 pounds without even trying). I was doing well enough without it, but am starting to revert back to old habits (avoiding going places for fear of a panic attack, obsessing about germs, and counting things over and over). Yesterday my doctor put me on prozac 20mg day to start with. I remeber having difficulty the first week or so with paxil (upset stomach, dizziness, etc). How long do the initial side effects generally last with prozac. I felt 100% after adjusting to paxil, and I hope the same will be true of prozac. Also, have any of you gained weight while on prozac? My doc said it was generally weight neutral, but that's what I was told about paxil when I first started.
Thanks for listening!
to lynne,
it helps a lot to learn how to cope with panic attacks and overcome OCD and to not just rely on meds alone, this info is in many books

prozac is similar to paxil and should help but paxil again may have been better
Thanks to those of you who answered. Hry33, I did do counselling for a year, as well as Behaviour Modification Therapy, and have read every single book out there about this topic. I wanted to steer clear of drugs, but after years of suffering, I found paxil and it gave me back my life. I know that for many people, meds are not the answer, but for me they were.
Thanks for your input though! :cool: