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Thanks for the input lori. My mom as I said suffers from a chemical imbalance and used to have severe depression and anxiety, to the point where she couldn't be left alone in the house or she would have a breakdown. So she took prozac and then paxil or something, forget which one she is on now, and said it has helped her tremendously. She tried to go off of it 3 times with disasterous effects, and the doctors told her that if she went off it again it might have a chance of not working the next time she took it. So as you can imagine, that scared her enough to keep taking it lol. Now she just says that sometimes when she misses a dose or something she just cant concentrate and she'll start forgetting to pay bills and her checks bounce and such, so she needs it to function regularly.

So maybe I'll talk to my doc about Klonopin like you said or Paxil, depending on how she diagnoses my anxiety/depression and it's severity. Prozac seems kind of hardcore for what I'm dealing with, so we'll see what happens. Thanks again to everyone for listening, it has helped tremendously.


P.S.-Also right now I am taking Clonozapem (sp?), is that the same as Klonopin?