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Dear sunrae27,
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I'm just curious, my sister is going through alot of panic attacks right now, something i have delt with for years and is now under control with paxil. anyway, hers basically started when about 4 months ago she got symptoms of a UTI, so she went in, sure enough, infection. took antibiotics, didnt help. after weeks of going back and getting more antibiotics she has developed pretty severe pain mostly on her side, under her rib and in her back. so thinking it was kidney probs. she saw a urologist and had some invasive tests done. they all show she is fine, yet she still has this pain all the time. she is curious, what tests did you have?? etc. she's scared to death and constantly thinking the docs missed something, same thing i did and i know where that leads. just curious about your situation. thanks, amanda

Where exactly is the pain in the side. You say under the rib and in her back. Is it under the right front rib and under the right shoulder blade area? Please post the position back. Thanks


Sickman :)