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I am a mother of 2. 4 and 6 years of age. Work full time in production, which means very unstable hours, a lot of 12 hours, 5 - 7 days per week, especially in the summer.

I have lost the weight that I had gained with each pregnancy. 2 years ago, depression hit me. I'm on Paxil.

I have gained 20+ pounds. I'm 5'2" weight 147. Big Chest, small waist, huge hips ;) I'm ready to lose some weight...I basically eat one meal a day which is whatever I want at noon. Go to work at 3:30pm, and drink diet pepsi for each break and lunch. At work, I do alot of stair climbing, and lift alot of heavy weights. Get off (usually) at midnight, don't drink any dt. pepsi, but do drink a couple of Coors light, to help me fall asleep, so that I can get up at 6:30am and get my kiddies off to school....ok, there's my bad habits.

I'm ready to eat, exercise, and am definetly ready to FEEL better. I'm considering on buying a Bow Flex. What about my eating habbits?? I'm definetly a meat eater...love Taco Bell, and mexican foods.

Come on all, give it to me...starting off as a new babe....1 more question, should I not eat for 2 - 3 days, and drink only water, and take vitamins, to cleanse out my body??

I am a 37 year old female, ready to get in shape!!!

You are right. I just need to eat better. Thank you for the advice.

My plan is to stop taking Paxil (I'm also taking Wellbutrin). Stop the beer drinking, to make myself relax. Should eat mini meals. Need to start some type of cardio exercise. I got myself and elliptical, it is very smooth, easy on the knees. Just need to watch a movie, or listen to music while I'm on it. If I'm successful on loosing inches, then later I will buy a bow flex. Just need to use common sense I guess. Oh yea, plenty of water....but need that caffine, it gets me going...LOL..

dzz,this sounds like my story,im 5'6 140-145 i fluctuate-gained 20bs too from paxil,i want to know if i go off this if i will lose this weight again,i absolutely hate it,i hate having to buy bigger siza jeans and shirts..but yet i really dont over eat?i do eat junk so does alot of people but cant take any of this off i want to set a goal to lose 20 buy june-is that possible?
I'm off of Paxil, now for 1 week, but am taking 300mg of Wellbutrin. I feel more clear headed. More energy. When on Paxil, I would let things slide until they had to be done, now pretty much back to my old self, hurry and get it done, so you don't worry about it, if you know what I mean.
I haven't started eating properly, or exercising, but now am doing more housework. Monday is my day to start....I'll keep ya posted.

Also, last year I tried to go off Paxil, wasn't taking Wellbutrin at the time, YIKES!!! I was net-picking at my husband, for every little thing, knew I had to go back. So had to back on. So far, that feeling hasn't came back, not yet, it's still too early to tell.

Pooh on what I said before. I'm of Wellbutrin. Trying to taper off Paxil. currently on 10 mg. The Wellbutrin didn't make me more sane, in my opinion. So now I'm on Omega 3 and Vit E, while I'm tapering off Paxil, hoping that will help. Then I hope the weight will come off....gotta wait and see.