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Hi there. I have tried everything i think..ativan, klonipin, clonazapam etc etc also effexor, paxil, celexa . i had horrible effects from the ssris making my anxiey worse. I have been on lexapro for about 8 months and let me say i am a new woman!10 mg worked great for me.. the doc moved me to 15 and i gained weight and lost my sex drive but now im back on 10 mg my sex life is back and i dropped 6 pounds. I fought the idea of using pills for 6 years, even overcam agorihobia without meds only CBT. But i came to the road where i got tired and needed help to take a different journey. I love lexapro and really only had upset belly and side effects my mind played on me. Tlak to your doc and research it to see if its something your comfy with.gossgal
My doc put me on Paxil 20mg and klonopin as needed. In the beginning I was taking .50 mg twice a day, am now down to .25 about once a week if I need it, but things are getting better as the Paxil kicks in and the side effects fade. Klonopin worked really, really well for me, but I wanted to taper because I don't need the extra stress of getting hooked! Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.