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Geeze, I'm so glad I'm not alone! I have suffered with anxiety since I was in preschool (I'm 31 now) and I have to say I have never felt totally well. I started to get panic attacks in college, but they were never diagnosed until after I graduated (I turned down the thought of going to med school, cuz who needs a surgeon who suddenly has to run away in the middle of surgery) and I feel as though I missed out on a lot. In 1996 I was fully diagnosed: GAD, panic disorder, and OCD. I tried CBT but got little benefit. I was then put on 20mg of paxil, and it really really REALLY helped. The downside: I gained roughly 70 pounds in the 7 years I was on it (mind you I also had 2 babies during this time). I finally said enough this summer, and quit the paxil. I felt great after (no panic attacks, and 30 pounds have come off without even trying), but then came the flu outbreak, and my OCD about germs started to get really bad. Then the panic attacks started again. I was put on prozac, and while it worked for the OCD, my panic attacks are getting worse, and I have gone back to feeling that same crappy feeling between attacks. Every moment of every day I seem to have some issue with my health. As I write this, I have a headache (probably brought on by this mornings attack) and stomach cramps. Last night it was a lump in my throat. In general, I feel as though it is a struggle that I am slowly losing. I hope that the prozac will soon start to do it's stuff (I just increased from 20 to 30 mg). I read recently that it is now approved for panic disorder, whereas before it was not.
Sorry to have rambled, but I am having a particularily rough week. I just want to feel WELL!!!!! :dizzy:
Nice to know others are in the same boat (lets hope the boat doesn't sink, lol)
Sending happy relaxing thoughts to you all!
Lynne :)