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Hi everyone. I had started taking paxil again (20mg) after taking another medictaion for about a year. From this other med., I gained about 15 lbs. I would like to lose that without having to cut out carbs or drastically alter my diet. I can tell you that I do not eat a lot of meat, just a personal choice.

I also smoke (yes, I know this is terrible) so strenous exercise is out for me until I kick that habit. (I am working on one goal at a time). I weight about 150 and am about 5'6". I used to weight in at about 130-135. I also don't drink water like I used to. I drink mostly milk, oj, and beer on the weekends.

I have read a lot about atkins (I am not going to follow this because I feel it limits a little too much and may be hard to maintain.)

Is there anything similar to atkins that promotes more fruits and more variety of veges right from the get-go? If anyone knows of any healthy eating method other than atkins, I would greatly appreciate your help. I used to do very low fat and low cal., but I think I was more tired when I did that. I need to eat better and cut sugar some, but what would I do when a sugar craving hits?

Any advice would be great. Thanks,

Dana :confused: