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Quote from Brodel:
depression, huh? wow... most of the time i'm smiling and having fun. i'm even a pretty positive person... are you sure that sounds like depression? i mean, if i step back and look at things, i have a pretty great life. my parents are divorced, but they both love me and i see them a lot. i have a nice car that i LOVE working on as a hobby. i'm in school... i have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food to eat. i'm a fairly grateful person... why am i depressed?

You don't have to have things wrong in your life to be depressed. Sometimes it is the result of chemical imbalances in the body/brain.

I have a great life and a good job, but I too found myself isolating myself from people. Going out less and less. Demotivated to do things. Thinking of excuses to use to call into work sick. I didn't want to admit to myself that something was wrong. Finally the stress of it all made me talk to my family doctor. I had all the clinical signs of depression despite my positive outlook on life. I started on a medication less than a month ago and am starting to feel "normal", and more energized and motivated. I find myself wanting to get out of the house now and do things.

Depression is nothing to be ashamed of or feel negative about. Some of our greatest scientists and composers in history were depressed.

Go talk to your doctor. Chances are he will put you on a medication like paxil or zoloft or celexa or something like that, and you will start to feel better.