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I have been off of Paxil for about 2 months. Paxil - anti depressant. I've gained 30 pounds while on it for about 1 year. And believe me I'm lucky, to just gained 30 pounds, people have gained a lot more. I now weigh 150...aaaggghhh. Before the Paxil I could loose the weight, but now, it seems just impossible. My pregnancy weight when I gave birth 2x was 162 and 160. Always went back to 130. I was at 160 when I decided to stop taking the Paxil. So I've lost 10 pounds, but it is so DANG depressing....I have a walk-in closet of clothes that I can't fit in. My weight was about 130 after I gave birth to each child. I'm also 5'1" (but can stretch to 5'3" ;) )

My metablism has went to a crawl level. I have a 5 (autistic girl) and a 6 year old boy, so I'm constantly moving...never ending stopping. At work, I do a lot of heavy lifting, my position, I have to lift a anywhere between 50 - 70 pounds constantly, and climbing up stairs all night long. I also, only eat, basically 1 meal, then it's off to coffee and dt. pepsi with caffine. I sleep about 5 hours per night. I can't get anymore due to my work schedule, and my kids/husband schedule. So don't know if sleep is a problem. Before the Paxil, it was no problem, but now....it's so hard, can't loose the weight, and HATE IT!!!!

So, while I'm whinning here, I would like some advice? Any? I am taking supplements. Omega 3, Vit. E, Vit B Complex, multi vitamin/ mineral, Vit C.

I need an something that I can work in, my busy day, somethng's easy. I am not #1 on my list, my 2 kids are, so they always come first.

HHHEEELLLPPPPP :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:

Yeah, I took Paxil and gained weight too (a good thing because being depressed made me not eat, but i gained too much). It made me sleep 20 hours per day. I just exercised more and mine eventually came off.
I was on Paxil when I was 16 and I actually lost weight and was too skinny. I stopped it and gained about 30lbs. Then after I had my baby 5 1/2 months ago, I had post partum depression and was put on it again. I didn't gain weight, but didn't lose either. After I stopped taking it I lost about 65lbs. But that was with dieting and exercise. I think what kind of paxil may make a difference too. I was on paxil 20 mg when I was 16 and after my baby I was on paxil CR.
Jays Kitten, you must be the excemption. I've read on a lot of different forum on Paxil, seems that evertyone gained weight. I at first, lost, then I gained. I've never read about someone loosing weight with Paxil, and not gaining...You were lucky.