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wow reading this is like reading about me.... that is how i was before the surgery too... on top of that i have GERD and IBS AND chronic anxiety over my health issues.... is Xanax just an anxiety med? like paxil? i take Paxil... it seems to be helping a lot but i would like to have something maybe for the times that i have actual attacks... like something i can take that will calm me within minutes... is Xanax like that or is it just a daily pill you take every day like Paxil?
I'm glad that there is someone who understands the disorder of anxiety and how it can manifest symptoms especially gastric. My friends think I am just sickly, but I love life and consciously, I don't want to be sick or a hypochandriac. However, anxiety is a disorder or health issue just like my nonfuctioning gallbladder. It has to be dealt with. I am over 50 and health issues will be a part of life for me. My pastor jokingly said that the major cause of death is illness, but it meant for me to stop worrying about my health because basically, I am healthy, with nothing life threatening.

Paxil and Xanac are both for anxiety. However, I don't want to and can't feel like a zombie on these drugs. I have a job, a mate, family and friends, so I cut them in half and sleep when I can. Anxiety becomes second nature to the point you actually believe you are functioning normally until a flare up like IBS and GERD, MUSCLE ACHES, AND HEADACHES. I hope I helped somebody. :wave:
oh yeah, before i had to have emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder everyone was thinking this was all in my head... i had so many people apologizing to me while i was in the hospital LOL, saying they didn't know... well ummm i told you about it, you just didn't believe me... thankfully my paxil doesn't make me feel like a zombie or anything, so that's good...
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I dont take Xanax on a daily bases.. just on days when I am really stressed out about something, or to help me sleep.. I do take them in the morning or anytime of day... I dont seem to have a problem with them makin me tired.. but they do help me sleep at night.. if that makes any sense..lol I can tell usually with in an hour that I calm down..

oh so Xanax helps when taken? like with Paxil, you need to take it every day and it takes a few weeks to kick in.... if you didn't take it every day, it wouldn't really work.... so Xanax you don't need to take every day?