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I gained 20 pounds on paxil and I think that paxil already screwed up my metabolism in the first place. My problem is that I have lost 10 pounds through calorie reduction and if I start eating out of my diet for more than 2 days I will immediately gain 2 pounds in a week. I used to eat anything I wanted and never could get past 125 pounds, now I gain weight very easily. Please tell me if this diet is ok or if I am doing damage, I am losing about 2 pounds a week on it:

lunch: sandwhich with lean meat, low fat mayo, lettuce, whole wheat bread, fruit

snack:apple, table spoon peanut butter

snack:yogurt, usually half a yogurt because I cant finish it

Dinner: same sandwhich, fruit, sometimes vegetable

snack: apple (sometimes with another tablespoon of peanut butter)

snack: other half of the yogurt

Does this sound like enough to safely lose weight without messing up my metabolism? I've never been a big breakfast eater and I really do not enjoy breakfast so I probably wont start.
1. You need to eat breakfast
2. You need to eat high quality protein with every meal and snack
3. Luncheon meats are one of the WORST sources of protein (way too many preservatives and usually high in sodium)
4. Peanut Butter is VERY high in fat and relatively low in protein (compared to it's fat content)

The food choices you are making are convenient, but not necessarily the most healthy choices. Yogurt, peanut butter, luncheon meats are better than "junk food" but your diet should not consist only of these foods.

Paxil is extensively metabolized in the liver, as are most prescription drugs. Taking this medication does weaken the metabolism because of how your liver must process it. Your primary objective should be to focus on improving your liver function, which really serves to regulate your metabolism. How can you do this?

- Drink more water (TONS of water!)
- dramatically reduce or eliminate chemicals additives and preservatives from the food you eat (luncheon meats/cold cuts are really terrible in this regard).
- Be sure to eat protein and carbs together with each meal and snack.
- Cut down on fat - 30% of your calories, max!
- Your carb consumption should range between 40-50% of your total calories (not more)