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Okay this is the deal. My boyfriend is 17 and depressed so hes been taking depression medication call Effexor and before that it was Paxil well the day before yesterday he started taking sleep aids with his other medication because he couldn't sleep. He acted totaly unhimself and acted angry towards the world. I asked his sister, who is a good friend of mine to flush the sleep aids that my boyfriend had of course she did so. He thought his mom and step father had done it. Well he was very upset crying and angry and hes not that kind of person, so I asked him I was like well do you wanna come over here and stay for a few nights thinking a few nights away from his house was the best thing because he never gets out. So he came over and while we were in the car, (back seat while my grandmother drove) I told him that I and his sister were the ones to flush the pills he got a small amount upset and the he forgave me and stuff and i went back to looking out the window when I noticed he was shaking really bad. It looked like he was having a seager cus his eyes rolled back in his head as well but i knew it wasn't a seager and he was talking back to me. A few minutes later it stopped. He told me that it felt as if something inside of him wanted him to be very very angry and violent and he tried to fight as he put it "himself". after that he was perfectly fine. Later on that night I was talking on line to one of my guy friends and he said something marc didnt like well he went up stairs from the basement and i followed he went into the bathroom i was like alright ya know well he came out into the kitchen and i went to the bathroom when i came out he was gone i asked my grandma who was laying on the couch where he had gone it was about 11:00 pm well she said he went out the back porch i was like alright thinking nothing of it looked around couldn't see him....all of asudden out of the corner of my eye i saw his white shirt leave the corner of the house. I thought he was playing a game i walked over there and i here a gridding soun its pick black out i just stepped out of the light my eyes started to focus he was laying on the ground face first griding his teeth and mumbling stuff plus shaking. I sat down beside him relizing what was happening and tried talk him through it. When he emerged from this "Nightmare" he was laying in my arms balling. after about 10 mins of crying he told me that after seeing me talk to the other guy it was if this "something" came over him he had gone into the kitchen and got a steakknife out of the dish washer... this "something" told him to hurt me cus i didnt want him i didnt love him. He made it clear that wasn't going to happen so this "something" turned on him makeing him stand at the corner of the house holding the knife to his ab saying this is what she wants do it then show he tell her this is what u wanted now u have it she dont love you she wants this ( then i relized thats what he was mumbling when he was in this....trants i guess you could call it) but when he had saw me walk out of the house thats when he dropped to the ground. This morning we called places to find him help finally we got some and his mom met us soon after i got home from taking him his sister called me saying " Stephanie they took him to the hospital hes being admitted". So can someone please tell me if thats from mixing the sleep aids and effexor, is that from having a wrong brand of deprssion medication, is that from like split personalitys, or is it something other than him self like a evil spirit or something!??? Please if you know anything about something like this or know someone who could help PLEASE [ removed ]SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!!