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OK this is long but I can't help feeling like this situation wasn't handled correctly and I'm looking for opinions of others and maybe even some doctors on here to see if indeed I was "screwed" if you will, or if the situation was handled appropriately.

OK as an intorduction, I have been experiencing bouts of what I guess to be depression of varying intensity for years now, and also lethargy, and lack of motivation. Being I live at hom and had no major responsibilities at the time, I figured I would let eveything work itself out on its own and keep active and eat right and take vitamins, and everything should be good to go. However this wasn't the case and I eventually found myself slipping deeper and deeper into lethargy and having less and less motivation to do anything as the months went by.

There are also other major issues such as back problems stemming from an injury that I guess never really healed from when I was in 6th grade. It's always been somewhat of a hassle, but recently it hs gotten worse.

Also over the past year, I have developed heart palpitations, mainly when I get tired at night. When I try falling asleep, it's hell because I experience anxiety because I guess I'm scared because of the palpitations and expect the worse, and it takes me sometimes upwards of an hour to actually fall asleep. All i can hear and feel is my heart thumping and thumping and skipping beats, and laying on my back it seems makes things worse. I eventually sometimes get to the point where I have to sit up in bed and rest against a wall and attempt to fall asleep sitting up, because for some reason in this position I sense the beating of my heart less and don't notice as much when it skips a beat. This never works however and I'm resigned to basically laying around until I am so tired I pass out. However I haven't escaped it all, because during the night I oftentimes wake up due to these palpitations and have to start the process all over again, although it's somewhat easier to do so.

Also, my back pains cause me to wake up multiple times nightly, to switch positions and to crack my back. i am always having to crack my back. Sitting for too long is agonizing, standing for too long kills me also. I'm screwed either way.

Needless to say on a daily basis I feel like crap. I always have that feeling of just waking up, that some days just never seems to go away. I wake up feeling I got hit with a truck. Most days, I can just scrounge up enough energy to force myself to go to the gym, and even that's been getting to be a chore, which actually frightens me because working out has been a passion of mine for years. After I get back from the gym, I lay in bed and play games online or read, because I'm so beat. I sometimes don't even shower because I honestly just don't feel like it and could care less. People ask me if I want to go out and do something, and I'm always finding an excuse as to why I can't. I just do not have the energy or desire to do anything but lay in my bed, because it's as comfortable as I can get and doing anything else most days is just a chore. This isn't to say I'm a complete recluse, I DO get out, I DO have a girl I'm seeing that comes over 2 days a week on average, but it's just that most days, I really feel like doing nothing. Working out is most important to me as I feel if I stop doing ANY strenuous physical activity on a regular basis, things will get worse, and I will not allow that to happen. But like I said above, I'm even starting to lose motivation to do that and it's worrying me.

So basically I could not handle this situation anymore and realized I'm not getting any younger and I NEED to have this taken care of. But If you have no job or money, how do you get it taken care of in the first place so you can get back to work and get on with your life? I didn't worry about how I would pay for it, as I figured being I make absolutely no income I must be able to get financial support from somewhere, So I started off with a trip to my family doc to get the ball rolling.

Basically I was not at all satisfied with how he handled everything, and im currently seeking another doctor who will at least recognize the main things that are wrong and not overlook them. Here's what happened. I know it's long but I guess it has to be.

I went to the doctor and told him everything I stated above. I brought up the possibility of low thyroid levels as I have many symptoms pointing to hypothyroidism and it does have the potential to run in my family. He prescribed bloodwork, put me on paxil, an antidepressant (game me a free 6 week supply), ambien to help me sleep at night (never got the prescription filled as I had no money and refused to bother my dad for any more cash assistance as he is not the richest guy in the world) and wanted me to go for an echocardiogram. I went for the bloodwork, but didn't schedule the echocardiogram till later on, and they actually set that for 2 days after i was supposed to have a 5 week followup with my doctor.

So I went to the doc for the followup and he asked if I found a job yet, and im like what are you talking about, obviously im not working, i cant keep a set sleeping pattern and i feel like crap, and don't even feel like doing things that I like to do or need to do, like even take a shower, there's no way im going to be able to keep a job, or even be productive at one if i had one in the condition I'm in. Plus with my back the way it is I cant sit too long or stand too long without being in a whole lot of pain.

So then he goes on to basically give me a lecture about how I need to go to work so i can get myself established in life.

I reiterated to him that when I first went for the initial visit to him about all this, that I told him I know what i have to do in life, and if I i werent so depressed and didnt have such health issues I'd get on with my life and do what has to be done, and this is why I'm here to see him. I have goals and dreams and they don't include sitting in my bedroom all day the rest of my life, but they're not going to get accomplished in the state I'm in.

He then basically became visibly slightly aggravated..I could sense it; hear it in his voice and see it in his demeanor, saying there was nothing on the blood tests to indicate anything wrong wether it be thyroid levels or testosterone levels. So then I started to get aggravated myself but kept my cool, and then said that I guess it has to be like we talked about when I first came, that I'm just not rested enough and it's getting to me, because of the waking up with anxiety and back pain.

He then went on to agree saying that I indeed have many things to be anxious about because I have no job.

Again with the lecturing.

Again overlooking the fact that, well, you know, could it be maybe I'm anxious because I'm scared that I'm having heart palpitations, or did he forget about them?

He suggested I see a psychologist.

I went to this guy cause i need a doctor not a father to lecture me about life and things I already realize. , and I mean just because i may be depressed and never went to college doesn't mean i have no common sense and im an idiot.

So he seemed to want to rush me out the door, and the funny thing was, through all of this, he never once recommended I get an MRI of my back..I personally had to ask him myself before I stepped out the door to get a prescriptoin to get one. Now if I told him that I was having very bad back trouble to begin with and it was keeping me up at night, and he agreed that the reason I'm feeling like crap is most likely due to the fact that I'm not getting rested at night, then why in the world would you completely overlook the back problem and not prescribe me an MRI? Why should I have to ask for one? I was dumbfounded at this. If I didn't ask for one I never would have got one because he's obviously resigned me off to being a nutcase of sorts and according to him, everything is mental, because the only thing he left me with was an order to stay on the paxil (which i had to stop because I don't have money to continue the 6 week free trial run he gave me by filling a new prescription.)

I also tend to wonder why, if he knew I was having major sleep issues, that he would not reccommend I go to a sleep clinic, which we do have locally, to monitor my sleep to see what if anything may be wrong in that aspect. Again, an issue completely overlooked. THREAD CONTINUED HERE: http://www.healthboards.com/boards/showthread.php?t=215893
I agree with the other poster on it sounding like fibromyalgia. I have suffered from it for many years and your story sounded very familiar. Your dr. sounds like he was thinking that if you took care of your depression, then all else will fall into place. If it is fibromyalgia - then yes, there is a huge mind-body aspect to it. Some symptoms will get better by treating other - because it is all intertwined. It sounds like you are really listening to your body and I was relieved that you are in-tune enough to know that you must continue to work out for fear that it could only get worse if you don't. If I am in a flare-up, sometimes I get so bad that I have to get tons of rest. But other times, when I feel that I might be on the "verge" of one, if I keep myself moving and going about my business - then I can get it under control. So, keep up the exercise if you can.

My biggest concern for you is that you took the paxil prescription and then stopped it cold-turkey. That is dangerous! Please don't put your body through that again. I think that you make a list of everyhting and go to another dr. and give it another chance. Don't ever give up on your health - you are worth it! :wave: