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Hi, I've tried several anti-d's.......Zoloft, Paxil, Effexor, Wellbutrin...and now I'm on Prozac 20mg. I've been on it now 2 months and I absolutely LOVE it. Prozac has changed my life for the better and am now ME again and getting to know the undepressed ME is a fun journey. Some tips would be to start out very slowly, 5 mg for 1 week, the 10mg for 1 week, then 20mgs. I am staying at 20mgs. I did have side effects, all the usual, insomnia, fatigue, just a dopey feeling but they all went away after 3 weeks. The only side effect now is low sex drive, but I actually enjoy sex more now, just have difficulty finishing it off. good luck, hope this helps.
:) Yes!!! I took Prozac when it was first approved by the FDA back in the '80s. I had tried other antidepressants and they worked to a degree, but prozac had a dramatic effect on me - after a week or two on it, I started to feel NORMAL. I had never felt normal in my entire life, and didn't know what it felt like until I took Prozac. Suddenly I felt like ME, instead of a bag of symptoms.

I've since been on Zoloft & Paxil, other SSRI's, because I had side effects from Prozac - appetite loss (which led to weight loss, not that it hurt me any) and muscle tension. But I never had any of the crazy, suicidal reactions I hear about in the press.

I think there's always going to be a small group of people that reacts negatively to something, but Prozac is a popular drug for a reason - it has improved a lot of lives!! If you want to try it, you've got my support.
[QUOTE=Josh McGrath]So the majority of people have not gained weight and have not had sexual side effects or any other bad side effects?

Does prozac help anxiety? I am about to give up my anxiety is so bad.
Whoa! I forgot about that side effect - it did have sexual side effects for me that weren't so great. I did NOT gain weight, since it decreased my appetite. It helped anxiety somewhat, but not enough. I'm now on Paxil (VERY few side effects for me) and Klonipin (a benzodiazepam, anti-anxiety drug). I would sure like to wean off these drugs but in the meantime, they work!!! And my sense of wellbeing is more important to me than anything.
When I was at my worst point ever, I was put on MAOI's. They booted me out of the vicious cycle I was in, not sleeping, not eating, worrying about everything, thinking I was going to die. I stayed on them for a few months, until I felt stable, and then started on Prozac & all that other stuff. It sounds like you need something really STRONG, Josh. Good luck.