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Hi Cori,
Don't know how old you are, but when you said you had some weird things happening to you, could you be experiencing peri-menopause symptoms, as well as a thyroid condition?

I was on Wellbutrin for a very short time and didn't like the affects it had on me. I only took it for 9 days - felt worst and like a zombie. I was already losing weight b/c of anxiety. I always noticed I felt a bit better after 12-14 hrs. after taking it, so I decided to stop cold turkey one day. My dr. put me on Paxil CR instead and I felt better almost immediately. I was, however, going thru peri-meno symptoms and had hypothyroid for years prior.

Most drs. will tell you to give the drug a chance to make it work, but IMO, if it isn't making you feel better, find something that might work better for you.