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I tell you,this peri makes me feel like I am aging by the minute!I started with this 2 months ago,and I used to have TONS of energy,now every day,late in the afternoon,I am napping in the chair like a senior citizen in a rest home!My back hurts all the time,the bc patch has helped the hot flashes but not much else.Some days I feel ill all over,my gums are sore and my stomach gets a gnawing feeling.I lost 6 lbs when this started but sure have gained it back and then some...and it's only been 2 MONTHS!Gees!I was going to consider a colonoscopy,(like everyone else on this board!!Goodness!)but I think things are ok in that area...my heart flutters,had an ekg,had a pelvic abdo CT scan cause I thought I had a kidney infection!All was normal then,too...the other morning I was lying in bed and my left ear started ringing,another peri-sign.
This is a scary thing,truly,weird,strange things happen to my body on a daily basis.I am afraid to plan too many things as I never know how I will feel.The paxil has helped the anxiety some,but I've only been on it less than 3 weeks now.The worst of it is,I think,that I don't really know for sure if it's peri,as since I still get my periods,tho they are irregular,so my doc won't do the FSH test.He thinks that's what it is tho,and since all of the other zillion tests I have are negative,its the only thing left!I was even tested for lyme disease!
I went thru the same thing that you described, except it happened to me at age 50. It seemed like I was fine one minute and the next thing, I was like an old lady - in fact, my 96-yo friend had more energy than I did!

During my 'ordeal', I had a hard time getting started each day...I didn't have enough energy or desire to do anything. At the time, I was scheduled to have a colonoscopy but cancelled it. I was so miserable, thinking that this was how my life was going to be from now on! I got tired of not feeling good, got tired of going to so many drs., was losing 1-2 lbs. a day. I remember even feeling suicidal. My dr. did have my TSH/FSH tested but they came back normal at that time. I really don't know why your dr. won't test you if it's waht you want - it is just a blood test. Apparently, there is no test for peri-meno - it's a thing you have to go thru first before you are in menopause (no period for 12 mos) and that's when drs. are less reluctant to have your TSH/FSH tested. My FSH changed dramatically months later.

I guess either the Paxil helped or my hormones finally settled down. Hang in there, Moonrize, you will feel better, it will pass! Try not to think too much on how crappy you are feeling (easier said than done), don't stress yourself out by worrying about every symptom either, esp. since you have checked out fine, do what you can, let things go if you have to, let your family know you're going thru a time in your life and for them to help you around the house.

Take care,