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people guessed me as 10 years younger. I got carded at 30. Now I'm 51 and I stlil look young, however nobody goes "You're kidding!" when I tell them my age. Hmmmmmmm. They used to!!!! I don't have that many wrinkles, but I've gained some pounds; been on ATkins and lost a lot too, but I'll never be skinny again. I'm on Paxil for stress and depression and, while it helps, it makes it really hard to be really thin. I feel wrinkly and ugly, yet inside I still feel young...I even still like to look at good looking men in their 30's. If they only knew they'd think, "Oh, how gross!" lol. Is this sort of depression (and it's not really bad) part of the menopausal process? I still get my period pretty regularly, but am starting to get back pain a lot, cramps even when I don't have my period, and I used to have terrible sweating (not hot flashes). THanks to Black Cohosh and Vit. E, it's much better. I just feel like I'm getting older, yet I don't feel older and it's so frustrating. I find I like to wear comfortable clothes rather thant rendy clothes because, hey, sometimes I get aches and pains...lol. THis isn't ME. I'm YOUNG! How do you deal with this and are these symptoms common? I am still waiting to go into full menopause at 51. I exercise 30 min. 5 days a week, don't smoke and dont' drink. I'm maybe 20 lbs. overweight. I think more about my age than I ever did before. It never bothered me. Familiar? Oh,a nd the memory...we won't even go there...what did I just type? LOL. Help!
I will be 52 in a few months. I feel similar to you. I think I look younger and people are often surprised how old I am, but it still bothers me that I'm in my 50's now. Getting older, whether it's me or my family and friends bothers me alot! It means more health problems and more losses to deal with. It bothers me that my little dog is now 11 yo. She isn't going to live forever either... It's depressing to think like this but it's also reality and I know there's nothing anyone can do about it.

I also gained some lbs. that I like to lose - losing 20 lbs. would be nice. I try to eat healthy, don't smoke/drink, workout 6x/week and lose nothing - in fact, I gain! I lost 25 lbs. last year when I was feeling really bad w/ peri-meno symptoms - anxiety usually causes me to have no appetite and lose weight but since being on Paxil and feeling fine again, I gained it back. Have you noticed how great Oprah look these days? She's 50....so does that mean it's possible for women in their 50's to get that waistline back? But, I guess with her money, she can hire the best cooks and trainer....ho humm...

I also get these aches and pain - something very unusual for me - esp. since I have always been fairly athletic and flexible. I feel like an old lady!! Then I have girlfriends who are my age or even older who hasn't even started having irregular periods or any symptoms at all! Does this mean I'm falling apart first and that I don't have good of genes afterall?

I'm going to color my hair now....the gray hairs are showing up again!

Oh, so far, my memory is still good!

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