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I started having stomach and throat problems about three months ago after a doctor prescribed Indocin for me for my bad shoulders. I only took two doses and suddenly my stomach started to burn. I had taken both doses with quite a bit of food as directed by the doctor, but it unfortunately began to cause problems. The following day I had a gin and tonic at a restaurant and my stomach began to burn immediately. Needless to say, I stopped drinking alcohol entirely. I used to have a couple beers or a gin and tonic or two at night to relax because of an extreme anxiety problem I have. It gets much worse at night.
Anyways, I went and saw a gastroenterologist and he did an endoscopy and found I had minor stomach irritation and acid reflux. At the time my primary symptoms were burning in the stomach and nausea that was helped by eating. As soon as he said acid reflux I became extremely paranoid because I've heard it's a chronic condition. I began to get depressed because I thought I'd never be able to eat a restuarant again, never drink soda, or have a beer again. Anyways, I tore myself to pieces with axiety. I was on minocycline 100mg twice daily for acne, citrucel and colace for my IBS condition that developed last August. So to continue my tale, my stomach got so bad that I couldn't eat anything but a few bites a food before I was full. Maybe a sip or two of water. I lost fifteen pounds in two weeks while my stomach tormented with a dull, agonizing ache. One day I just stopped taking all my medicine except for the the protonix 40mg once daily and the dull, aching pain went away. I still had problems eating a lot of foods and still do to this day. I was also given Paxil and Buspar to help with my anxiety. Both of them bothered my stomach and I was forced to stop taking them. My throat began to tighten, I taste a sour taste in my mouth often, and and often when I belch (or try to help myself belch by tapping on my chest) I feel food rushing up that almost goes into my mouth. This is very distressing. I also feel food getting caught in my throat and have a problem with swallowing.
To get a bit of my history I've had anxiety problems since a child. I used to have a really bad OCD problem in high school that went down over the years. I feel tingling, burning sensations throughout my body, especially when stressed. My face flushes from warm water or in a warm environment. I have papules that appeared about the same time the flushing started (five years ago). I also developed an eye problem where my eyes became extremely dry. My skin hardened and became extremely dry. A dermatologist said I probably had dermatographism and sebhorreic dermatitis. Anyways, that a bit of my history.
Recently an internist tested my TSH levels and found that too be about twice the normal level. He believes I may have a thyroid problem that could be causing man of my symptoms including my constant constipation. Has anyone else here had GERD problems that may have been related to either anxiety or thyroid issues?