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Hi Conni,
I totally understand what you mean when you just can't stand it anymore!! The anxiety can get so bad that you just feel like climbing the walls! No one knows how awful anxiety can be until he/she experience it. I am the only one in my family that tend to get anxiety aside my father. I was taking only 0.5 mg of Ativan, as needed, and sometimes I would cut it in half even and I still worried about taking it. My dr. said not to take more than a total of 3 pills a day and I couldn't even get myself to take 1 whole one. I think b/c I saw what my father went thru. Apparently, he was put on it when he was in his 50's b/c of anxiety and was still on it when he passed away at 86. When they (kaiser) tried to get him off of it, he hallucinated big-time. They were really hard to expect him to get off of it esp. at that age. Was really scary to see him thata way. I think b/c of that I became so paranoid about taking it even tho I've never even been close to taking it as long as he did. Once my dr. put me on Paxil Cr and said if I needed the Ativan, I could take that also. I refrained from taking the Ativan and I remember there was one night when I really felt I needed but I still resisted. After couple of weeks on the Paxil Cr, I never had the need or the anxiety.

If you need to take the Ativan, do so but please don't take it unless you absolutely need it and not for many years either. It is addiciting and you can end up having really bad withdrawals.

Take care and keep me posted on how you do on the Buspar.

molly :wave: