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this sounds like something i went through years ago. I have an important question for you. is your husband on mellaril, trazadone, or paxil, or any other antidepressant or antipsychotic? If so it's pseudoparkinsonism. My doc thought i was crazy when i was younger because he could not find any reason for my migraines so he put me on those 3 drugs and when i started having blackouts, going numb on one side of my body and my face drooping on one side he still told me i was crazy. all tests came back negative so he increased my meds and told me to get a life. I threw my meds away my junior year of high school and since then my life has been a dream, but up until 2 months ago I still didn't know why i would black out and go numb when i was younger. It was in {removed}a book right there in black and white. 3 degrees of pseudoparkinsonism. 1 was unsteady gait with slurred speech 2 was trembling, unsteady gait, memory lapses and 3 was blackouts, numbness resembling a stroke with drooping face and drooling. I hope this is some help to you please email me {removed} if this has helped you.


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