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Hi Twanger
If it makes you feel any better, I am right there with you. I have terrible anxiety, mostly health related. I am 44 and I believe my first peri symptoms started when I was 39 when intimacy became painful. Over the next 2 years I developed a constant nagging and sometimes very painful left shoulder blade. I did not and still don't know if it's related. I thought early on that it was bad posture and too much computer time. I still have it. Only now with the anxiety, I make it into many different horrible diseases.
The last 9 months have been pure hell for me. In May of last year my doctor and I started switching around my birth control pills to see if it helped with my dryness issues. From there I went into a complete tailspin. I started having heart palpitations, tachycardia and high blood pressure. It never was high before. I have worn a 24 hr holter monitor, had several EKG's, blood work and an echocardiogram. They say my heart is OK but started me on a beta blocker to slow my heart rate and stop the palps. It works but with terrible side effects.
I am still having periods anywhere from 16 days to 45 days. I had a couple of FSH tests and an Estradiol test. The first showed I was post menopausal at 66.16. 4 weeks later fully functioning ovaries???
Answering your question directly about the anxiety, when I was going through all of the heart related stuff, I literally felt like I was coming out of my skin. I usually have valium on hand for when I fly, but my doctor told me to take a half on really bad days which helped. She wanted to try me on Paxill but I had a bad reaction to it and then I had a full blown panic attack We had paramedics at the house in a severe thunderstorm. Very embarrassing. My heart rate was 140 and my Blood pressure was 158/108! Yikes.
So the Paxill was not going to work so she started me on Buspar for anxiety. Of course now I had medication anxiety and was scared to death to take it. I eventually did, but it did nothing for my anxiety and just gave me vivid dreams and nightmares. So, I started the beta blocker which takes care of the BP, heart rate and palps and it also diminishes the anxiety to a point. I still worry about every new twinge and tingle and I have become a terrible hypochondriac (sp?) I never had the social anxiety though. I find that the more "normal" activities I do, like spending time with girl friends, going out to dinner, shopping etc, the more normal I feel. I also excercise regularly and eat healthy and that helps. But when a peri symptom sneaks up on me it doesn't take much to let the wind out of my sails. I really hate this and for the first time in my life think it might not be so bad to be a guy :D
I hope this helps some twanger. It scares me to think that I may still have all of this going on 2 years AFTER my periods stop. There's no end in sight.
[QUOTE=Beach Bum]Hi Twanger
She wanted to try me on Paxill but I had a bad reaction to it and then I had a full blown panic attack We had paramedics at the house in a severe thunderstorm. Very embarrassing. My heart rate was 140 and my Blood pressure was 158/108! Yikes.

Oh my goodness! Someone else who had the same reaction to Paxil as myself. I took Paxil for 7 days without any problems, that I could notice, then on day 8 my blood pressure sky rocketed and my bp was about 140/109. My head was pounding, the room seemed dark and strange, and I felt simply horrible. That day was the beginning of the spiral from anxiety, to panic attacks, to depression triggered by the anxiety. Mine was so bad that I could not work, drive, took a medical leave of absence from work, could not stand to be alone in my house, had trouble going out because of the vertigo and rapid heart beat. I went from dr. to dr, spent a lot of money, tried various anxiety medications and antidepressants. Saw a psychatrist for medication management who kept telling me that something else had to be going on since although my mood had improved with Wellbutrin I still felt tired and spacey all the time. Well, to make a long story short the first hormone patch that I tried go me off the sofa, able to clean to my house, cook dinner, and actually laugh again. Since then I've learned that my estradiol is wayyyyyy below the minimum range, so basically I do not have any estrogen, and my fsh is in the post menopausal range despite the fact that I'm still having a period. I'm also now taking blood pressure medication, and antidepressant, and birth control pills in order to function. If I stop taking my birth control pills I quickly spiral into depression, rapid mood swings, extremely high blood pressure, rapid heart beat, anxiety... you know the rest.
Hi jbp,
You asked how I got better. Guess I would say I really don't know - it could be the Paxil CR (even tho I'm told that it doesn't "cure" or really get rid of the peri symptoms) or just timing. I think I was on the road to true menopause and that's why my symptoms came on suddenly and so badly in Aug. 2003(age 50). I was put on the Paxil CR in Dec. 2003. Having my period that time didn't make a difference. Still felt crappy. By Jan. 04, I felt much better. I didn't have my period from Nov. 2003 until June 04, and haven't had one since. So, with me, it might just be timing. My mom went thru meno at age 52, I'm 52 now. My weight loss at that time was most definitely from not feeling good and having anxiety. I've always lose weight whenever something is going on with me. Maybe the Paxil helped me "manage" things better and then I was able to eat again. When I was losing the weight, it scared me b/c it was rather rapid for someone who always had a hard time losing weight. I think it lost an avg of 9# a week. I was actually at a good weight at that time but it was a bad way to lose it.

If you're feeling weak, you have to eat something...even if it is something small (I know it's easier said than done esp. when you don't feel like it!). Eat something several times a day if you have to. I remember there were days when I only had 1 cup of veg soup the entire day - that was all I was able to handle. My BF had to sit there and watch me eat - it would take me hours to finish 1/2 a sandwich, and sometimes I couldn't even finish it. I know I looked sick at that time - kind of haggard and drained looking, bad coloring. I was told I didn't look good with that much weight loss either.

Please keep us posted on how it goes with you and take care,
molly :wave:

Quote from JBP:
Hi All,
Also, I think it was Molly that said she lost wt. I lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks when this started and that really raised my anxiety. Its one of the things that doesn't really fit with PM. How did you get better Molly? The wt loss has made me feel weak. Thanks, I hope I don't get kicked off again.

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