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hello everyone,
I was hoping someone might have some information that could help me here.
I'm a stay at home Mother with three small children so not a lot of time for therapy and Doctor's visits at this point in my life. My depression started when I turned 25 (I'm now 34) and I had no idea what it was. It actually all started with a panic attack out of the blue. It's been down hill for me ever since. I've been on about every medication for depression known to man.
I started on Tofranil and was on that for a period of a year and stopped taking it just before getting pregnant, and felt great. Of course after the birth of my daughter, post-partum depression set in and I was put on Paxil.
To make a long story short here, I've tried many other anti-depressants but have always gone back to Paxil because I tolerated it so well, even though I know it had lost it's effectiveness.
In the past year, Ive tried Lexapro and it worked for about 2 weeks and quit working so, again, I went back to Paxil. My Doctor put me on Cymbalta with the Paxil and, after about a month, I felt better than I had in a long time. I had energy, felt peaceful, motivated, etc. Basically I felt like my old self again. I was so excited to find something that finally works. The only draw back was some weight gain. But after all I had been through, it was worth it to gain a few pounds in order to feel good.
I've now been on the Cymbalta for about 2 1/2 months and feel liked I've slipped right back into my depression again. I'm really disappointed and sad. I feel irritable, tired, sad, etc.... I currently take 40 mgs of Cymbalta. I've read somewhere that a usual dose of it is around 60mgs. Could the lower dosage explain why it worked at first and then abruptly stopped? Please someone help me here. I'm feeling pretty low again and can't stand it anymore!

Thanks for taking the time to read my rather long post!
Mary Beth