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Something with my health has boggled my mind for years now.
First off i was diagnosed back in 1993 with anxiety disorder.this is what happened BEFORE i was diagnosed......
It all started or seemed to have started right after i fainted with seizure activity ....i went to nerurologist got testing done ...he once gave me some nerve pills to help me relax.the final outcome was him telling me his advice would be for me to go see therapist he thought my problem was not a physical isse but a mental one.
So i did that the therapist talked to me for maybe 10 mins if that and diagnosed me with generalized anxiety disorder and borderline agoraphobic.

now i must mention during all these doctors vists and my daily life i felt HORRIBLE! ever since that first fainting spell i had headaches,feeling of unreality,I was easy alerted,and just a constant feeling of fear and that i was gonna die.

Anyway,all of it went away after a year of misery.I was fine for 5 years and felt wonderful for the most part.i did have an occassional anxeity attack,but never real bad. THEN one day i started having pains in my stomach so i went and laid down well over the next few hours the pain grew worse then i felt i had to vomit or have a bowel movement.Iwent to the bathroom to do whichever i was gonna do........well i didnt do either what happened was i sat down on the toilet and a few seconds later i felt dizzy,myvision starting going black......i got onto the floor and tried to crawl to get someone attention and i went out totaly unconcious. About 4 months later i had the flu with a fever and it happened again.then after a misscarriage.then two more times when i felt perfectly fine. i should also mention each time it happened it seems i was worse off afterwards then before i mean SICK ..i would lose my bowel OR id vomit .sweating from head to toe,shortness of breath,tight chest,trmebling,hot and cold flashes,,,,,,and it would take me a day to get better. I also have had heart palpitations off and on threw the years saly when ive been pregnant though.i have experianced skipped beat and flutterings as well.

I have had tests galore..threw the years......mri,eeg,ekg,holter heart monitor,blood work out the yang several times. always normal

i havent had this happen again in 2 years now......after all the fainting? episodes a doctor did put me on paxil and klonopin which helped with the anxiety but i was sooooo tired all the time.anyway i had to get off of both of those by advice of my doctor when i got pregnant with my last child and ive been fine since no real anxiety attacks or anything.

my fear is this will surface again and i dont know why the heck i had been fainting and feeling so horrible afterwards.and as far as it being anxiety i have always read that it wont cause people to faint unless they are in some extreme emotional situation?

I am 30 years old this all started at age 19........i am desperate for some answers if anyone have any idea whatsoever what has been going on with me ........PLEASE respond .........I know this is long,but i felt in order to get the whole picture id have to put it all down lol........thanks Beth