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For the past 3 years I've been having problems with gagging and vomiting and I still don't know what it is. I've been to the doctors, the emergency room, and a gastrointerologist(spelling?) and they never figured it out. I just need to know if it's stress or physical.

It all happened instantly. The day before I was perfectly fine, the next day I woke up and I was exhuasted, I was yawning repeatively like I was gasping for breath. I had to climb the stairs up to the second floor to go to my biology lab, I was 19 at the time. When I reached the top of the stairs it had seemed like every breath I took in was being swallowed and I couldn't burp to relieve it. I became very uneasy so I ran to the bathroom where I began to vomit. Every day since then has been almost the same thing.

The vomiting feels like I'm being gagged, swallowing and breathing have become difficult. I never have nausea or heartburn and when I vomit it's usually thick saliva. I usually try to spit most of it out throughout the day, I seem to have excess saliva. The gagging notion stays with me all day long but it's not terrible, it only gets serious in the mornings, with stress, when I'm tired, and any type of cardio excercise (I also get light headed really fast and breathing gets really hard, which is hard for me to believe since I've always tried to excercise regularly, jogging is my favorite time killer). I've tried sleeping on an incline but it makes no difference. I try to eat small meals, I can only manage to eat maybe one meal a day and yet I feel like I've gained wait rather than lost weight. Burping or sneezing also helps relieve it, but I can't burp out will anymore, instead it feels more like a combination between a burp and a hiccup, I have to do this periodically throughout the day but that's one of the things that has me most puzzled.

As for the exhaustion I sleep like 12 hours a day and yet I feel like I only get about 4 hours. The only reason I wake up is because the gagging notion wakes me out of it. Then I walk around all day feeling like I stayed up all night and I'm really stressed, which in turns causes the vomiting.

See I'm rather confused if the stress is causing my vomiting problems or the vomiting all the time is causing my stress. When this first started I went to our family doctor, he said it was acid reflux and he started me on prevacid which didn't do anything. My second trip was to the emergency room when one morning I woke up and I vomited about 12 times, dry heaves aren't fun. They did a cat scan and I did the thing where I drank the barium substance, I remember this day pretty well, around super bowl time, Packers lost :( . They didn't find anything and said it was probably acid reflux and prescribed some other medicine, something different also did nothing for me. After that I felt it would be best to deal with it on my own since nothing was working. That didn't work either, so I went to the gastro doctor who was kinda not the nicest person. He suggested the endoscopy or an Upper Gi. I did the upper gi first but the odd thing was the food I ate around 7:30 the day before showed up clearly on the upper gi. I didn't eat anything else but the gastro doctor kinda accused me of lying, the food I ate was lo mein so there is the possibility that since it was deep fried noodles that it would have taken a longer time to digest. He then wanted to do an endoscopy but he also wanted to widen my throat at the same time, I turned down the test because I didn't trust this doctor too much and I was beginning to have my doubts about the theory of my having acid reflux since all the medications I've had up to now were about as effective as sugar pills.

So from then since I've been dealing with it on my own, I went and saw a psychiatrist, they said I have depression but wether or not it's caused by physical symptoms or it causes physical symptoms they're not sure. I'm about to transfer to VCU and before I go I'm gonna go through one last series of tests in order to find some way to rid myself of this forever. I went in for another upper gi and the tests came back stating and I quote: "esophagus unremarkable. Neither hiatal hernia nor reflux made out. Stomach and duodenum unremarkable. Duodenal bulb distends nicely. There are abundant secretions in the stomach." "final impression: unremarkable upper gi tract with secretion filled stomach." So now I'm gonna go see a new gastro doc next month, been waiting like 4 months to see him. But after all this I still don't know what is wrong with me, I know the symptoms well enough but I don't know the cause. The only 2 things I can think of is the month before the problems started I was on paxil for stress because I was just starting at the community college and I had some family problems that caused me alot of stress, and the only other cause I can think of is I was in a jiu jitsu class at the time these problems started which involved alot of choke and sleeper holds which is where the tightness is around my throat now but when I mentioned this to my family doctor I don't think he made any special not of it, but I can't remember if I mentioned it to any of the other doctors. I hope you guys can shed some light on any of this for me because I've been in the dark too long.
My heart goes out to you. It must be frustrating and scarey when you continue not to feel good and all the tests keep coming back normal. In addition to seeing a new gastroenterologist, you might want to also see an ear,nose,throat doc especially since you mentioned the jiu jitsu neck holds and the saliva problem. Wait and see what this gastro doc says. Have your questions written down before you go in to see him/her. Are you near a teaching hospital? I too went off Paxil and now I have "LPR" acid reflux into the vocal cords and throat. I wonder if my nerves are causing the reflux from going off the Paxil or is it a withdrawal symtom or just getting older. have you considered trying another antidepressant to see if you feel better? Just some ideas anyway. Hang in there and don't lose hope.